Nearing the End of 2015

One of the roughest things about developing an RPG book by yourself is that it takes a lot longer to finish than you anticipated and it is a lot more work than you had thought. Blood in Space RPG is my first major project that I have been working on and it has taken me five years to get it where it is now. Looking at the main source book, it is 3/4 of the way done and really only needs a read through and all the rest of the more technical data added to it. (Not to mention the last of the pictures and art from my artist).

The thing that caused the most problem with this project was the fact that when I first started developing it, I never truly understood how an RPG system worked. It was over the years playing Fudge, Pathfinder, Cortex, and a few others that I started to learn the thread that ties all these system together. When I would look at my own rule book, I found that it was lacking this concrete concepts. it was simply a list of specie information with no guiding point for the GM or player to begin.

I am happy to say that this is no longer the case and the book is finally on its way to becoming a coherent and fun world to play in. It only took five years of aimless wandering to finally find the path that I need to follow.

Now with all the introspection out of the way, I’d like to announce that part of my little “extras for Blood In Space” projects that i like to work on for a break, I have signed writer Jessica Werner, a budding new author who recently released her urban fantasy book Sra’Kalor of the Ashwood Falls series who will be writing a novelette for this universe focusing around the life of an Atelak warrior. I have already seen the first few pages and I am very pleased with that work!

Mock up Cover, not finished product

Also, my own novelette, Harvest, is nearing completion so I am hoping with not only the release of the core rulebook, but also the release of two novelettes and the third and final comic based in this universe. For all of you who have been waiting and hoping for this world, I really appreciate the time and patience you have given me. I hope not to disappoint you with the final product!

Here’s to a great year of 2016!

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