The First Big Announcement for Blood In Space

In the back of my head, I always wondered if this post was ever going to be written. Now that I type these words the realization hits me. Ladies and Gentlemen, Blood in Space RPG: Core Rulebook is now finished!
After six long years of working on it in my spare time, it started out as a side project converting my fan “Alien VS Predator Fudged” game into its own universe. Since then I’ve gotten married, got out of the military, and have had two wonderful kids. My entire world has changed but this game has been a cornerstone of all my projects. 
Does that mean it’s available? No, not yet at least. The book still needs editing and the last of the artwork added to the book. But we are so much closer to release that I’m pretty sure I can make it available to all of you by December of 2016
Other Releases
While working on this project, The BiS universe has also seen the release of the third and final scheduled comic book built into the universe. You can follow the adventures of Jacen as he winds up in the middle of a mess on the outer rim of the known galaxy. 
I hope to have more soon!
There is still a lot of work left on the Core Rulebook and also the plan to release the second Novelette that the sample chapter was included in the Enemy of my Enemy release. Stay tuned to either this blog or the facebook page for more information! 
Thanks for your continued loyalty and interest in a fully dedicated science fiction setting dedicated to FUDGE!

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