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Since the release of the Blood in Space: Core Rule book, I find myself sitting at my computer wondering what to do now. I know that I have other projects to do but it seems strange to have something that I have been working on for over six years to be done and complete. Even now, a hardback copy of the book that I got from lulu.com sits beside me shiny and ready to play. 
Well, I am not put down for long and already have a few things in production work for all of those who enjoyed the universe Blood in Space has. Here are some sneak peeks of the future.

Harvest: A Blood in Space Novella

A second novella is almost compete of its first draft which will bring readers into the world of a strangely silent colony of the Galactic Earthings Union. This survival/horror novella shows that not all the galaxy is beautiful. There are some dark monsters that should never be found.

Secrets of Arikana

 Secrets of Arikana is the first complete adventure that is going to be released for the Core Rulebook. Gamemasters have all the rules but may want to play an adventure already created than trying to design one. Secrets of Arikana will come with:

  •       A complete adventure
  • ·         4 Character examples
  • ·         Deck Plans for a GEU Pennant Class Frigate.
  • ·         More artwork from Hannah Byrne and Kathleen Ruhl.

The best part is that Secrets of Arikana will be released FREE! Not only as a thank you for your continued support but to also make sure you all don’t feel like you got to pay for every single piece. I am not into game making for the money, I love it because I like to tell stories and provide them to you all.
There are also in the works of an expansion to the Core Rulebook that I have not finished doing the layout of. At the moment, it has the working title of Blood in Space: Tormented Space but we’ll see how it goes.
Again, thank you all for your continued support of this game and the feedback that you have been providing. I’m glad you have been enjoying the setting and hope it will continue to intrigue you and give you all a great game night!

Want to talk about BiS?

Thanks to the great people over at Grey Ghost Press, the official forums for this setting have been graciously hosted over on their system. If you have questions, comments, ideas, or concerns, why not head over there and show your love for not only BiS but for Fudge?

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