Here The Adventures Come!

The first thing I want to do is apologize for how long I have been silent. It has been a long, hard summer and it made keeping up with Blood in Space adventures challenging. For the most part, all the ideas and future adventures are a menagerie of colorful paper scattered all over my desk with plans for it to coalesce into coherent adventures.

With my life getting back on track, I have the time to put together the adventures as I’ve have planned. At present, I have six adventures in the queue which I think you will all enjoy.

First, though, I am happy to announce though that after so long, the first blood in Space adventure is almost ready for release. It is presently going through beta playing, but after the reports are in, I’ll be releasing it to you all! The best part, it’ll be free!

Thank you all for your continued patronage to the sci-fi setting and helping me improve it. You all are great, and I love the support you have shown me!

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