Terror on Ovshin: Released!

After a lot of planning and work, we are proud to announce the release of our newest adventure! On the outskirts of Galactic Earthling Union space is the planet of Ovshin. An arctic world that could be full of riches but also dangers unimaginable. Can your team explore the planet and make a lucrative claim?

We are also proud to announce that this is the debut work of K. Luna Henkel who was chosen to be one of the first writers to be hired to provide Blood in Space material! Let us know what you think of it!

Announcing Epic Worlds, LLC!

There has a lot been going on this side of the computer and I am happy to announce that there has been a major change for the Blood in Space universe. I’m happy to announce that Blood In Space will now be produced full time with my new company Epic Worlds, LLC!

Fudge has always been a love to me and Blood in Space has been a labor that has taken many years so it doesn’t deserve to be forgotten in the dusty shelves of RPGNow.com. That being said, I’ll be working with artists and writers to start bringing more consistent Blood in Space content to everyone!

Stay tuned!

Here The Adventures Come!

The first thing I want to do is apologize for how long I have been silent. It has been a long, hard summer and it made keeping up with Blood in Space adventures challenging. For the most part, all the ideas and future adventures are a menagerie of colorful paper scattered all over my desk with plans for it to coalesce into coherent adventures.

With my life getting back on track, I have the time to put together the adventures as I’ve have planned. At present, I have six adventures in the queue which I think you will all enjoy.

First, though, I am happy to announce though that after so long, the first blood in Space adventure is almost ready for release. It is presently going through beta playing, but after the reports are in, I’ll be releasing it to you all! The best part, it’ll be free!

Thank you all for your continued patronage to the sci-fi setting and helping me improve it. You all are great, and I love the support you have shown me!

The Icon Mutiny – RELEASED!

I do not know how I did it, but I let the announcement slip through the cracks! Though belated, I am proud to announce the release of a brand new novella set in the Blood in Space universe! From the prolific author DeAnna Knippling comes The Icon Mutiny.


No one expected a mutiny, especially Captain Liberty Taylor. They were just supposed to explore star systems for excellent colonization opportunities. That did not happen. With a riot that strands her crew on an unknown world, Captain Taylor and her loyal shipmates must find a way to survive a dangerous world and mutineers who have survived the crash. Will she be able to stay alive?

Where We’re Going from Here

Since the release of the Blood in Space: Core Rule book, I find myself sitting at my computer wondering what to do now. I know that I have other projects to do but it seems strange to have something that I have been working on for over six years to be done and complete. Even now, a hardback copy of the book that I got from lulu.com sits beside me shiny and ready to play. 
Well, I am not put down for long and already have a few things in production work for all of those who enjoyed the universe Blood in Space has. Here are some sneak peeks of the future.

Harvest: A Blood in Space Novella

A second novella is almost compete of its first draft which will bring readers into the world of a strangely silent colony of the Galactic Earthings Union. This survival/horror novella shows that not all the galaxy is beautiful. There are some dark monsters that should never be found.

Secrets of Arikana

 Secrets of Arikana is the first complete adventure that is going to be released for the Core Rulebook. Gamemasters have all the rules but may want to play an adventure already created than trying to design one. Secrets of Arikana will come with:

  •       A complete adventure
  • ·         4 Character examples
  • ·         Deck Plans for a GEU Pennant Class Frigate.
  • ·         More artwork from Hannah Byrne and Kathleen Ruhl.

The best part is that Secrets of Arikana will be released FREE! Not only as a thank you for your continued support but to also make sure you all don’t feel like you got to pay for every single piece. I am not into game making for the money, I love it because I like to tell stories and provide them to you all.
There are also in the works of an expansion to the Core Rulebook that I have not finished doing the layout of. At the moment, it has the working title of Blood in Space: Tormented Space but we’ll see how it goes.
Again, thank you all for your continued support of this game and the feedback that you have been providing. I’m glad you have been enjoying the setting and hope it will continue to intrigue you and give you all a great game night!

Want to talk about BiS?

Thanks to the great people over at Grey Ghost Press, the official forums for this setting have been graciously hosted over on their system. If you have questions, comments, ideas, or concerns, why not head over there and show your love for not only BiS but for Fudge?

Havrak – A Creature You Could Encounter

Time for another sneak peeks into the world of Blood in Space and what the Core Rulebook will be stuffed with. Allow me to introduce you to a large beast that can be found in many deserts to temperate worlds across the galaxy, the Havrak!

The Havrak

The Havrak is only one of ten general creatures that have all their stats and beautiful artwork by Hannah Bryne for the Gamemaster in designing an adventure for his players!

Stay Tuned for more sneak peeks as we get close to the release date.

The First Big Announcement for Blood In Space

In the back of my head, I always wondered if this post was ever going to be written. Now that I type these words the realization hits me. Ladies and Gentlemen, Blood in Space RPG: Core Rulebook is now finished!
After six long years of working on it in my spare time, it started out as a side project converting my fan “Alien VS Predator Fudged” game into its own universe. Since then I’ve gotten married, got out of the military, and have had two wonderful kids. My entire world has changed but this game has been a cornerstone of all my projects. 
Does that mean it’s available? No, not yet at least. The book still needs editing and the last of the artwork added to the book. But we are so much closer to release that I’m pretty sure I can make it available to all of you by December of 2016
Other Releases
While working on this project, The BiS universe has also seen the release of the third and final scheduled comic book built into the universe. You can follow the adventures of Jacen as he winds up in the middle of a mess on the outer rim of the known galaxy. 
I hope to have more soon!
There is still a lot of work left on the Core Rulebook and also the plan to release the second Novelette that the sample chapter was included in the Enemy of my Enemy release. Stay tuned to either this blog or the facebook page for more information! 
Thanks for your continued loyalty and interest in a fully dedicated science fiction setting dedicated to FUDGE!

BiS: Enemy of My Enemy Novelette – Released!

 Out of the shadows, a mysterious form appears! Yes, there is stuff happening in the Blood In Space universe. I’ll be the first to admit that I have not done a decent job keeping everybody informed on what was going on. You have seen some sneak peeks, but today I’d like to announce that the first official tie-in is available to everybody!

To help provide immersion in to the world of Blood In Space besides the core rulebook that is 90% done, there are a bunch of add-ons and tie in items that are sitting on the shelf in a various stages of completion. One such tie in was completed by none other than writer Jessica Werner, author of the Ashwood falls series. The short novelette Enemy of My Enemy has been released on smashwords.com for those of you who love ebooks and a paper copy is available to those who love the feel of paper in their hands.

Larenssa always dreamed of a life as a strong warrior. All of her young life she trained to be ready and bring honor and glory to her tribe. Passing her initiation rites posed a challenge, but it pales in comparison to what she will endure during her personal hunt.

Leaving her tribe behind, Larenssa begins one of the most important journeys of her life. She finds herself at the mercy of her prey and is forced to make a decision. What will happen when the tables are turned and she becomes the hunted?  

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

It’s 89 pages of pure action and adventure from the point of view of an Atelak Mak looking to earn her place in her clan! Get your copy today!

Nearing the End of 2015

One of the roughest things about developing an RPG book by yourself is that it takes a lot longer to finish than you anticipated and it is a lot more work than you had thought. Blood in Space RPG is my first major project that I have been working on and it has taken me five years to get it where it is now. Looking at the main source book, it is 3/4 of the way done and really only needs a read through and all the rest of the more technical data added to it. (Not to mention the last of the pictures and art from my artist).

The thing that caused the most problem with this project was the fact that when I first started developing it, I never truly understood how an RPG system worked. It was over the years playing Fudge, Pathfinder, Cortex, and a few others that I started to learn the thread that ties all these system together. When I would look at my own rule book, I found that it was lacking this concrete concepts. it was simply a list of specie information with no guiding point for the GM or player to begin.

I am happy to say that this is no longer the case and the book is finally on its way to becoming a coherent and fun world to play in. It only took five years of aimless wandering to finally find the path that I need to follow.

Now with all the introspection out of the way, I’d like to announce that part of my little “extras for Blood In Space” projects that i like to work on for a break, I have signed writer Jessica Werner, a budding new author who recently released her urban fantasy book Sra’Kalor of the Ashwood Falls series who will be writing a novelette for this universe focusing around the life of an Atelak warrior. I have already seen the first few pages and I am very pleased with that work!

Mock up Cover, not finished product

Also, my own novelette, Harvest, is nearing completion so I am hoping with not only the release of the core rulebook, but also the release of two novelettes and the third and final comic based in this universe. For all of you who have been waiting and hoping for this world, I really appreciate the time and patience you have given me. I hope not to disappoint you with the final product!

Here’s to a great year of 2016!

Rin’aka Counselor – Released!

 I do know that it has been a long time since I have posted anything about the science fiction Role Playing Game Blood in Space for Fudge RPG. The only thing that I have to blame is life itself. For some, you are aware how much life has been kicking me around and with my two children, the time I used to have to develop things like this became extremely rare. You’d have a better chance finding a unicorn the time for me to work on this. Not to fear though, I have made some progress!

First, I’d like to introduce you to the first class breakdown of a Rin’aka Counselor, one of the six possible types of Rin’aka aliens you will be able to create a character for.

The artwork is done by the beautiful Kathleen Hawkins who has been providing the artwork for many of my projects for years. The basic core book that is being written will feature a lot of her art of all the different species that are to be found in its pages.

I am hoping to be able to provide you more down the line, but like that mysterious unicorn, time may be hard to find! If you have any comments, please do not hesitate to submit them!

If you want a sneak peak at some of the universe, you can also find information in Blood in Space: Bootcamp V2.